Benefits of TSCM

Prevention: Preventing someone or some organisation from illegally gaining access to your secrets or classified private information.

Discovery of a technical device/bugUpon discovery of a device, the client can determine the appropriate course of action following due consideration.

Peace of mind: We can give you peace of mind that your trade secrets and strategic plans are secure.

      Compliance: We will put you in compliance with your stated policies and the expectations of your shareholders and your Board members.

      Working Environment: That you are providing a secure working environment.

Proactive: That you are proactively protecting your critical information.

      Corporate Responsibility: It is now becoming the norm for those with corporate responsibility to prevent such acts from damaging their business and to safeguard from those who wish to gain unauthorised access to business and private information and confidential communications.

      Vulnerability/Threat Level Awareness: Providing your organisation with a Vulnerability/Threat level and Risk Assessment analysis.

Personal, Private and Confidential information: Ensuring that this information remains just that!

Discreet/Confidential: Mitigate provides services wholly in the interest of its client and all information is handled in the strictest of confidence.

Conflict of Interest: Any conflict of interest will be reported to the client immediately.

We recommend that you contact us well in advance of these events so that a TSCM Risk Management Plan can be prepared and implemented in good time.