Mitigate TSCM Services:

To prevent individuals unlawfully gaining access to your Private and Confidential information.

TSCM – Risk Assessment /Survey / Inspection / Electronic Sweep

Threat Analysis

Eavesdropping / Technical Device Detection

Radio Frequency Analysis

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Off Site Monitoring (RF Monitoring)

In-place Monitoring (IPM) – Live Monitoring / Surveillance of a Meeting

Telephone or Speaker Phone Inspection (e.g. Conference Phones)

Wiretap Detection

Hidden Video Camera Detection

TSCM – Pre Construction Assistance

Ultra Violet Marking of Equipment

Tracking Devices


Executive Consultation: To ensure that the correct course of action and compliance is implemented in the event of an eavesdropper, bug or any unauthorised covert technical device being found. This action will enable your organisation to react with an immediate and an effective response plan.