Why choose TSCM Risk Management?

Experience and Training:
We have over 30 years experience in Technical Investigative Techniques and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. With the continuous changing trends in the market place, Mitigate personnel are fully committed to on-going training and to keep up to date with these changing trends and will provide a comprehensive service to all its clients.

Specialised TSCM Equipment:
Mitigate operates specialised TSCM equipment when conducting all assessments for our clients.

Independent Irish Company:
Mitigate TSCM is an independent Irish Company and is not aligned to any similar professional TSCM services company.  We also provide services in the UK and Europe on behalf of our clients.

Trust / Discretion:
We ensure that your private and confidential information remains just that!

Professional Integrity:
We also provide a very high degree of professional integrity in dealing with all our clients.

Critical Information Defences:
With the global economy facing unprecedented challenges, the opportunities to engage in illegal practices are now greater than ever. Mitigate TSCM offers critical information defences to all its clients.

Health and Safety / Data Protection Act:
Mitigate complies with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Data Protection Act 1988 and (Amendment Act 2003).

Insurance Cover:
Mitigate is covered by insurance to a level in line with the business undertaken and the specific contractual arrangements.

Conflict of Interest:
Any potential conflict of interest will be discussed and reported to the client immediately.