Purpose of TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

Widely known as “Electronic Sweeping”
The purpose of the TSCM service is to search for eavesdropping technical listening devices, hidden cameras, telephone bugging or any technical device that may have been illegally and covertly deployed in a meeting room, office, board room, private residence or a vehicle. 

TSCM Inspection – Detection of Weaknesses / Vulnerability
The TSCM survey offers a detailed inspection and audit which will detect the presence of any covert devices. It will identify any technical or physical security weaknesses that could aid in the conduct of a technical penetration of the surveyed facility or any off site facility.

When will you require our TSCM services?
Anyone can be the subject of illegal covert eavesdropping but some people, companies or organisations are at greater risk than others, due to their public or company profile, financial position, occupation, personal circumstances, legal or domestic situation. The following are some examples:

Competition Sensitive Contract Negotiations

Initial Public Offering

Prior to and during a Merger or Acquisition

Legal Negotiations

Pre-Launch of New Products

Employee Disputes

Classified/Sensitive Information

Confidential Meetings

Personal Disputes (Commercial, Personal & Marital)

Industrial Espionage

Scheduled preventative audits relating to compliance


We recommend that you contact us well in advance of these events so that a TSCM Risk Management Plan can be prepared and implemented in good time