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Mitigate Security Risk Management Services include: 

Risk Assessment

  • Risk Assessment /Survey / Inspection / Electronic Sweep
  • Prevention of individuals unlawfully gaining access to your Private and Confidential information.
  • TSCM – Pre Construction Assessments & Audits
  • Threat Analysis

TSCM Audits & Detection Services

  • Eavesdropping / Technical Device Detection
  • Radio Frequency Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging Inspection
  • Off Site Monitoring (RF Monitoring)
  • On-Site Monitoring (IPM) – Live Monitoring / Surveillance of a Meeting 
  • Telephone or Speaker Phone Inspection (e.g. Conference Phones)
  • Wiretap Detection
  • Hidden Video Camera Detection
  • Tracking Device Detection
  • Ultra Violet Marking of Equipment

TSCM Audits & Detection Services

  • TSCM Reports:
    Mitigate Ltd provides comprehensive reports on TSCM Audits carried out on behalf of our clients. Reports include Risk Assessments and Breaches, Analysis and Recommendations.
  • Executive Consultation:
    To ensure that the correct course of action and compliance is implemented in the event of an eavesdropper, bug or any unauthorised covert technical device being found. This action will enable your organisation to react with an immediate and an effective response plan.
  • TSCM Services Threat Briefings:  
    Mitigate Ltd provides TSCM services threat briefings to top level company personnel including Directors, CEO's, CIO's, CFO's and Security Personell. These briefings provide an understanding of the modern threat of corporate espoinage and how it can impact their organisation.

Contact us for further advice or view some of our TSCM services case studies.

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